Thursday, February 4, 2016

Why everyone should have a Vehicle Check Up Report with every Automotive Maintenance Visit

The Works Discounted Oil Change at the Quicklane inside Gresham Ford
The Works is a fantastic deal only available at the Quicklane inside Gresham Ford.  You get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation, and pressure check.  You also get a brake inspection and fluid top off while they are checking your battery so you don't get stuck in the snow.  Then they check your filters and hoses and belts and compile all their finds on a vehicle check up list that clearly shows you the condition of your vehicle.  

The Vehicle Check Up is easy to read and puts you in control of your vehicle maintenance.  Our factory trained technicians documents and prioritizes vehicle maintenance so that you can plan your budget and aren't surprised by needed safety repairs. The Vehicle Health Check List uses a three color system of green, yellow and red to show trends overtime.  And every vehicle that visits the Quicklane gets a Vehicle Report Card so you always know the condition of your vehicle. Just like a traffic like green means good to go, yellow means caution and enables you to plan for the future service need by indicating the component is nearing the end of its service life.  For example brake pad linings worn down to 3-5 mm are still usable but the ability to stop safety may become an issue in the foreseeable future.  Red represents immediate safety concerns that should be addressed immediately due to safety concerns.  This ensures that you know when your vehicle is unsafe.  For instance If your tires are more than 6 years old or have a tread depth  of 3/32" or less you may be subject to a blow out or loss of traction.  
Quicklane Vehicle Check Up Report Card
Your Quicklane Service Adviser reviews your Vehicle Check Up before you leave in order to answer any questions you may have about your vehicle's specific automotive maintenance needs. We also send you maintenance reminders via e-mail as part of our Greater Gresham Green Business efforts.  

The vehicle inspection performed by the factory trained #Quicklane technicians is performed in three basic parts.  First is the Walk-around Inspection of the vehicle that takes a closer look at lights, wiper blades, checks your horn as well as your battery, filters, fluids,mounts, belts and hoses.  The second portion of the Vehicle Inspection is the Under-vehicle Inspection that focuses on the brake system, steering and suspension system as well as the exhaust system. The third and final portion of the inspection is the tire and brake wear inspection. The technician completes a detailed tire inspection including tread depth, wear patterns, tire pressure and age.  The brakes are also inspected to measure brake wear compared to the specifications of your vehicle.  The Quicklane technicians also look at alignment, rotation, wheel balance and tire repair based on the wear of your individual tires.  

The next time you need an #oilchange in or around #Gresham give the #Quicklane at #GreshamFord a try.  Your first oil change is half off and you never need an appointment.  We are even #OPENlate weekdays until 10pm in the winter and midnight in the summer.  We are also open Saturdays 8am to 4pm for added convenience.  Take care of your automotive maintenance needs with the Team that makes it easy.  Life is better in the Quick Lane.   


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